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Wow, hey there. I’m Joy if you didn’t already know. Or, as most of you remember me, Hyeri! I was Hyeri for like 3/4 of my stay here I’m—
Okay not the point.
So, I think the time has come for me to abandon this account. I met a lot of awesome people, and I’ve had a lot of fun here, but I feel like I should leave.
Typist is starting school soon, so having two accounts here would just cause way more distractions than she needs. I’m also like super inactive, it’s not fair for me to keep this account when there could be some other person who wants to be Joy checking the masterlist and sighing really hard at the fact Joy is taken. Someone else will be 99.9% more active than me, so I’m gonna let them have the chance. It’s also gotten a little boring to log on now, I don’t think I’m really feeling Joy. And before you say ‘So why did you change from Hyeri to Joy?’ I wasn’t really feeling Hyeri anymore, either. So yeah *bangs cup on table* I’M GONNA MISS YOU GUYS WHEN I’M GONE. Especially Yilun, Gwangsuk, JR, and Jungkook.
Yilun, you’re one of my favorite people - even though you rejected my fanfiction but I have moved on from that I stil love you yes. Don’t ruin McDonald’s for anyone else, keep the McNuggets far away from the new members. And thank you for making AI so awesome you are truly bae. You > Bin, but you didn’t see this. #youaresenpai #ilookuptoyou #youare2cool4me [`casually ends with hashtags because #swag]
Gwangsuk, not only are you my brother, you’re my best friend. Seriously. I mean it. 100% true. To be honest, I never thought we’d end up being this close, but I’m so glad we did. Stay awesome ;D
JR, I KNOW I SUCK BECAUSE I NEVER REALLY TALK TO YOU AS MUCH AS I USED TO BUT REMEMBER THAT I LOVE YOU A LOT OKAY. And no more sads it’s not allowed be happy friend. If you ever miss me just go have some KFC and think of me~
And last, but certainly not least, Jungkook. I’m going to miss you the most. There’s a bunch of stuff we never got to do, like that first date we always talked about but never really got around to. I know, it’s my fault for never being here, I’m super sorry. These past four months have been the best four months. Keep me in your thoughts and in your heart, somewhere small because you’re gonna move on eventually - let it be to someone way cooler than me, someone as awesome as you are - but, just don’t forget me, okay? I love you, Kookie.
And to everyone that I didn’t mention, don’t sweat it, you made as much of an impact on me as these losers did.
If you still want to keep in touch with me, add me on aim. It’s in the tags~ I love you all, goodbye!!
- Park Sooyoung ♥

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jungkookiexai said: But my feelings for you are kinda cool

my feelings for you are out of control i’m—-

jungkookiexai said: My lame joke is lame

you’re lame too ♡

jungkookiexai said: You are my joy

this is so important

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please tell me i’m not the only person that sees this

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his hair looks like vanilla soft serve (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)


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why THE FUCK is no one talking about this

why isnt this on the news

we all know the reason why. stop the bullshit.

And this shit happened on May 18…MAY 8-FUCKING-TEENTH!


I read the article and this honestly makes me so fucking angry. I encourage all my followers to reblog the shit out of this. Share it on your Facebook and Twitter, too.

Please spare some time for Darren Rainey. This is a horrific brutality against a human being that is being swept under the rug by most media. 

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